Bringing Back A Taste Of Greece

stakks greek

We take our STAKKS very seriously, we even travel to the countries of origin to make sure our recipes are authentic!

As well as this, when we say we cook from scratch we really mean it!! We went to a “big fat greek wedding” and our chefs were inspired by some of the local cuisine, so we are proud to bring it back and put our own stakks twist on it just for you. All home made, made from scratch. PLUS we have brought back a holiday favourite, the Cookie Monster STAKK!

Vegan Greek STAKK- £8.99

Vegan pancakes topped with Greek Style Sheese and tomato and smoked red pepper relish, served with vegan tzatziki, green salad,

(Gluten free & dairy free – £8.99)


Greek STAKK – £7.99

Tasty Crepes topped with Feta Cheese and tomato and smoked red pepper relish, served with traditional tzatziki, green salad,

(Gluten free & dairy free – £8.99)


Cookie Monster STAKK – £7.99

Crunchy and fluffy chocolate Chip pancakes, crushed choc chip cookies, and smooth melted white & milk chocolate.

Served with ice cream or whipped cream, available American only and in all sizes.


Cookie Monster SHAKE – £5.50

Not just any shake 😉 it even comes with a pancake! 

Enjoy your summer holidays and tuck into one of our specials this month!!!

stakks southampton

stakks southampton

stakks southampton

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